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Focus: Consumer Electronics Small Screen Epic: Making video for the PSP using Sony Vegas It?s a small world after all. . .
By Mike Jones For decades it was the search for the ever larger movie screen. The cinema theater grew through evolutionary stages; wide-screen, VistaVision, Cinemascope and IMAX, then charged into the home with bigger, wider plasma and LCD TV's that dominate our living rooms with 'home-theater' setups. Now the moving image is making another turn in a direction that opens up an amazing new medium for video-makers; the movie in the palm of your hand. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Dr Who TARDIS Transition in Vegas Making the TARDIS disappear complete with sound effects
By David Hague In this day and age of digital video and effects, you dont need a monster budget and super expensive software to make effects that you can add to your own productions. To illustrate this, and proving how much of a Dr Who tragic I really am, I decided to throw together a quick and dirty ?TARDIS traveling through space effect. For those that are not into Dr Who (shame on you!), this may seem strange, but for those in the know, it will make perfect sense! ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Making Light Rays From VelvetMatter Plugins By Dave Hadden This new plug-in pack from VelvetMatter has made me happy and its time to share the joy. Light Rays can give your text that dynamic look or make a unique transition or even ?re-light a scene, and Velvet Matter has come out with a plug-in for Sony Vegas that can add that extra punch to any project. First off, Lets start with the meat and potatos of this new plug? text. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators ARTBEATS TRAINING Free Tips and Tricks
By Ko Maruyama Recently I reviewed the new book from Angie Taylor, Creative After Effects. Artbeats has supplied readers with some excellent pieces of stock footage (found on the book's accompanying disc). Artbeats also offers a sample of the book as a PDF on their site. Not only do they offer a chapter of Angie's book, but several other tutorials from other professional leaders. ...Read More »
Focus: Business Media Over the Edge! Quick new way to get drawing effects in Sony Vegas

This tutorial will show you how to use VASST's new Edge Detective plug-in to quickly achieve a cartoon look. Recent ads from Charles Schwab and Microsoft have used a very similar look. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Create Brokeback Mountain-like Titles in Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Sony Vegas Software
By Douglas Spotted Eagle This project can be accomplished in either version of Vegas. The downloadable media is a Vegas Movie Studio file, but will open in the professional version of Sony Vegas software as well. Having titles that fade on the left and right edges is a common practice, but the movie "Brokeback Mountain" made great use of this technique in their trailers for the film. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Customized Transitions in Sony Vegas Software Easily create simple transitions
By Douglas Spotted Eagle Sony Vegas comes with many manufacturer-generated transitions. However, sometimes a custom transition is called for, and they're much easier to create than you might think. You can easily use any photograph or video image, or even generated media to create simple transitions to get you from event "A" to event "B." In fact, you can get seriously crazy with transitions should you want to spend the time. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Get Looped! ADR in Sony Vegas
By Douglas Spotted Eagle Independent filmmakers all know the value and import of looping, or "Automated Dialog Replacement." ADR has long been a Hollywood practice, although some films are now using more wild audio than ever before. Essentially, this practice is a matter of bringing talent into a studio and having them re-record dialog from the set where they may have been filmed/taped earlier. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Using Nested Veg files in Sony Vegas 6 By Douglas Spotted Eagle Sony Vegas 6 offers file nesting, much like sequences or collapsed timelines in other applications, except that Vegas treats these file sequences as though they were common bits of media, or video clips. Speed ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Reflections Enhancing the Ken Burns Effects with 3D
By Gene Lewis I've put together a tutorial on my "Reflected Frame" clip and I think you'll enjoy it. If you will bear with me briefly, I'd like to share a bit about the evolution of this clip. I have a web page on my website that I post to honor veterans of all services. ...Read More »
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