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Focus: Post/Production Diana's Top Ten Final Cut Pro 7 Features#1 - Global Transitions By Diana Weynand There's a very good reason why this new Final Cut Pro 7 feature is my #1 pick. It's because it's the one I'm going to use the most. Not only that, but it's extremely easy to use and very intuitive. What are global transitions anyway? Well, rather than apply one transition to on edit point at a time, you can now apply the default transition to all edit points in an entire sequence at one time. ...Read More »
Focus: Pro AV Diana's Top 10 Final Cut Pro 7 Features #2: Creating an Alpha Transition This effect can be really stunning and can bring a unique style to your project
By Diana Weynand Those of you who work with a lot of graphics may have already created alpha transitions in other apps. Now this option exists inside Final Cut Pro 7. The alpha transition is one of the transition effects that you can access from the Effect menu or the Effects tab in the Browser. It is part of the Wipe transitions. ...Read More »
Focus: Pro AV Diana's Top 10 Final Cut Pro 7 Features #3: Exporting Blu-ray Discs By Diana Weynand Are you creating a project in HD? Want to export it to an HD disc? Well now you can. With Final Cut Pro 7, you can now use the Share function to export a sequence to Blu-ray disc. ...Read More »
Focus: Pro AV Diana's Top 10 Final Cut Pro 7 Features #5: Speed Changes Whether or not you have used the Final Cut Pro speed functions, you're sure to love the new speed changes
By Diana Weynand Whether or not you have used the Final Cut Pro speed functions, you're sure to love the new speed changes. Simple-yet elegant and powerful. You will be able to change speed in your clips easily and with a lot of flexibility. ...Read More »
Focus: Pro AV Diana's Top 10 Final Cut Pro 7 Features #7 - Improved Markers By Diana Weynand You know those little post-it note pads that come in multiple colors? Ok, admit it now. Do you ever color-code your notes? Maybe yellow notes are financial, pink ones are hot to-do items. Well with Final Cut Pro 7, you can now use color to label your markers in a very similar way. There are several other marker improvements as well. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Diana's Top 10 FCP 7 Features #8 - iChat Theater Preview By Diana Weynand In the past, if you wanted to share some portion of your work with another set of eyes, it was a somewhat time-consuming business of exporting a QuickTime file or transferring a sequence or a portion of a sequence to another drive or server for someone else to access. That's no longer the case. Welcome to iChat Theater Preview-the quick and easy way to share and discuss your sequence with someone down the hall or around the world in real time. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Diana's Top 10 Final Cut Pro 7 Features #9 - The Timecode Viewer By Diana Weynand Look at the image below. Something new has been added in FCP 7. It's the Timecode Viewer, a floating time code window, which will really come in handy as you share your screen or sequence with others. And taking notes by jotting down time code as you view your footage has never been easier. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Diana's Top 10 FCP 7 Features: #10 - Color Coding Tabs By Diana Weynand The ability to utilize the operating system's color-coding capabilities for organizing and easily identifying bins, clips and sequences has been a standard feature in earlier versions of the software. However, Final Cut Pro 7 now raises the bar by implementing the color-coding of bins, clips and sequences to their respective tabs in the Timeline, Canvas and Browser windows. ...Read More »
Focus: Pro AV Setting up a Qmaster Cluster in Final Cut Studio's Compressor 3.x By Heath McKnight Since I work on a Mac laptop featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, I need to take full advantage of that dual-core processing action when it comes to using Final Cut Studio's Compressor 3.x. I didn't realize that without setting up a Qmaster Cluster, I'm not taking full advantage of all processors available to me, even in a networked scenario. ...Read More »
Focus: Pro AV Create and Burn Blu-ray Discs Using Final Cut Pro 6, Adobe Encore CS4 and OWC Mercury Pro BD/DVD/CD Burner By Heath McKnight One of the biggest complaints for Final Cut Pro (FCP) editors is the inability to create and burn Blu-ray Discs (BDs) with Macs. Windows apps seem to have all the fun with built-in BD creation/burning software (like Sony Vegas Pro and others). This article aims to help you create those BDs using FCP, Adobe Encore CS4 for Mac, and the excellent Other World Computing Mercury Pro BD/DVD/CD Burner. ...Read More »
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