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Focus: Animators The Complete Guide to Creating Photoshop Filters The Filter Factory tutorial series, parts 1 through 7
By Dave Nagel I realized some time ago that it's simply too difficult for new readers of our publications to go hunting through the tutorials archives here to find all of the parts to our Filter Factory tutorial series. To date there have been six parts--two specific tutorials on generating 3D effects, one on customizing the interface of completed filters and three general pieces on working with the Filter Factory's expressions, functions and operators to generate effects. To this we now add our seventh and final part and conclude the series. ...Read More »
Focus: Game Development GPU Computing Gems Jade Edition Chapter 3: Optimizing Parallel Prefix Operations for the Fermi Architecture
By Wen-mei W. Hwu, Mark Harris and Michael Garland The NVIDIA Fermi GPU architecture introduces new instructions designed to facilitate basic, but important, parallel primitives on per-thread predicates, as well as instructions for manipulating and querying bits within a word. This chapter demonstrates the application of these instructions in the construction of efficient parallel algorithm primitives such as reductions, scans, and segmented scans of binary or Boolean data. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Updated: 300+ Free After Effects Tutorials Mega List Even More Professional After Effects Training Clips, Tutorials and Quick Tips

After Effects has always been a popular topic for our writers and editors. We thought it would be helpful to list - with direct links to them on our After Effects Channel - the more than 300 different After Effects tutorials we have so far. In this list are After Effects training videos, After Effects hands on tutorials and techniques, and lots of After Effects Quick Tips. All professional quality, and all free! Enjoy! ...Read More »
Focus: Broadcast Video-Based Review of GridIron Flow 2.0 Essentials By Pedro Ruiz Think of Flow 2.0 essentials as a visual Dropbox for media assets, with versioning and time tracking. Let's take a look at a project I have setup. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Creating Photo Slideshows for Online Use By WIKI Do you have a commercial Blog and would like to promote your product or service on it? Photos is more than words. Why not create a photo slideshow to make it more attractive? Below is a tutorial helps you to make a photo slideshow for sites or blogs. ...Read More »
Focus: Post/Production Neo 3D Tutorial -- Muxing 2D CineForm clips for 3D By David Newman Cineform CTO and co-founder David Newman demonstrates a brief tutorial for those getting started with 3D. This explains how to take separate Left and Right eye CineForm AVI or MOVs and multiplex them into a single CineForm 3D clip. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Autodesk Maya 2009 New Features: How to create Animation layers By George Maestri In this clip, host George Maestri takes a look at how to create layers, and shows how to create an animation layer. He creates a layer that has the body of a character, and Creates Layer from Selected. He warns to be careful when you create a layer that you put exactly what you want to animate into those layers. In the clip, he shows how to set a key move it forward and drop the body. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Autodesk Maya 2009 New Features: Animation layers By George Maestri In this clip, host George Maestri takes a look at animation layers, which allow you to place motion on multiple layers and then mix and switch between different types of motion, and also belnd motion together to create all kinds of different effects. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Autodesk Maya 2009 New Features: Tweaking nParticles Forces By George Maestri In this clip, host George Maestri discusses how now with nParticles you don't have to create separate wind, gravity, and other forces separately because it is all built in. George shows you how to set nParticles up to create the wind, gravity and other forces. He also covers the Nucleus tab which defines the forces, such as wind speed and air speed. He also shows how top turn the wind on and off. ...Read More »
Focus: Animators Autodesk Maya 2009 New Features: Muscle Presets By George Maestri In this clip, host George Maestri details how to modify muscle behavior and edit those muscles. He shows how to work with muscle jiggle, how to work in the outliner in wireframe mode, and how to set muscle parameters, which allows you to change the way the muscle behaves. ...Read More »
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